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Sethi Engineering FAQs

Do I need to hire an industrial engineer?

Many manufacturers hire industrial engineers to maintain and upgrade their production facilities. Typically we help to maintain or modify equipment and / or processes for our clients. If you are facing production challenges we help you to find and implement the best solution.

What do industrial engineers do?
Industrial engineers help design production systems to suit our client’s needs. Often this involves determining the best equipment to suite our client’s needs. We help our clients to procure the equipment, design the process piping, and oversee the installation of our designs.
What services do you provide?

Sethi Engineering provides more than just Engineering, Procurement and Project Management services. We aim to be your assistant in all your technical endeavors. Think of us as your technical personal assistant. Visit our services page to learn more.

When will I see results?
We tailor our plans to fit your needs. Timelines can range from a few days to a few months, depending on what your requirements are.
Where can I learn more?

Sethi Engineering now has a blog dedicated to educating our clients about industrial engineering. You can also schedule a free consultation here

Why hire a Professional Engineer?

Professional Engineers are licensed and regulated in Canada. All practicing engineers must have professional liability insurance, comply with our code of ethics, and continuously update our skills. When you hire a Professional Engineer you know that you are getting quality, insured work.

How do I pay for your services?
We accept cheques, e-transfers, and all major credit cards. We also have flexible payment options.
My production facility is very small — can’t I just do the design myself?

Many of our clients have started the design themselves and come to us later on to verify the design, based on our expertise. One of the benefits our smaller clients have mentioned is that we helped them get clarity on their scope, timeline, and budget.

How long after we meet do I have to commit?
We understand that you may not be able to start your project immediately and there is no obligation to hire us after your initial consultation. However, we do book up quickly with other clients so our availability may change. Typically we will requote any proposals older than 2 weeks.